Tri-Cities Functional Medicine Releases Guide on Hashimoto’s Disease

This news story originally appeared at Health - Trend Magazine on 6 May 2022

RENO, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, May 5, 2022 / — Tri-Cities Functional Medicine has released a guide on Hashimoto’s disease and how the immune system attacks the thyroid. Many autoimmune diseases can cause many symptoms, and physicians may try to target the symptoms and not the root cause.

Functional medicine is an approach that targets the root cause so all symptoms go away and the disease can be treated. It’s a whole-body method of caring for a patient.

Hashimoto’s disease affects the thyroid, located in the front of the neck, and acts as a metabolism regulator. The disease affects 5 in 100 Americans and is four to ten times more common in women than men.

Some people have other autoimmune disorders when they have Hashimoto’s disease, such as:

• Celiac disease

• Rheumatoid arthritis

• Type 1 diabetes

• Lupus

Hashimoto’s disease can heavily affect a person’s energy levels, resulting in many symptoms. However, some other common symptoms that someone may experience include:

• Fatigue

• Weight gain

• Constipation

• Dry skin

• Thinning hair

• Menstrual periods that are irregular or heavy

• Slowed heart rate

• Higher sensitivity to cold

• Joint and muscle pain

Throughout the course of the disease, the thyroid may swell and enlarge. This can cause a sensation of fullness in the throat. Hashimoto’s can cause the thyroid to release more of a thyroid hormone that results in symptoms consisting of:

• Unexpected weight loss

• Rapid heartbeat

• Irregular heartbeat

• Nervousness

• Increased appetite

Once this disease progresses, it can cause complications. A few health problems that may arise later in the course of Hashimoto’s disease include:

• Heart disease or heart failure

• High blood pressure

• High cholesterol

• Myxedema

• Complications of pregnancy

The complications can often be prevented or reversed with the appropriate functional medicine interventions. This holistic approach will include a full examination and a personalized treatment plan.

Tri-Cities Functional Medicine is an established functional medicine practice in Johnson City, Tennessee. People living with skin conditions should visit the Tri-Cities website to take a free webinar and learn more.

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