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In the A-W 2021-22 collection, Judy Zhang takes inspiration from Anna May Wongs style and elegance, the first sino-American cinema star and the first Asian- American who became an international celebrity. Between the Twenties and the Thirties, she became a style icon thanks to the way she dressed and talked and especially to her behavior that defied the convention of that time.

In every collection, the designer Judy starts from a fil rouge that fully embodies the combination of Western and Eastern culture that she perfectly knows how to mix. The elegance of the shapes and the style of the collection recall the inspirational character that encloses the first two worlds America and China. Her beloved Italy is shown on the textile printing that represents the Presena Glacier, which is gradually turning pink because of seaweed. The suggestive images of the glacier enchant the view but the presence of seaweed flowers its very bad news for its health because dark snow absorbs more sunlight. It means a faster melting of the glacier.